Are you doing email marketing perfectly?

Email Marketing is and easy, effective and instant result process. From a study it found that number of email user is more than 3.5 billion. So, email marketing is very effective way to increase sales or share information worldwide at short time.

But the concern is the process of doing email marketing, are you doing email marketing perfectly?

Because people have so many emails database but they don’t have subscriber. That’s why Mail chimp, Sendinblue, Aweber etc. they don’t allow emailing from their email servers.

We always ask our client to use SMTP server for email marketing. It allows you to send email without restriction.  Before you start email marketing you need to folly IP and domain warm up.


Now, we want to tell you about IP warm up because for each and every email campaign whether your email volume is high or low you must be follow warm up process. So, for every company who are using email marketing? First you should avoid using free email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN etc. As your sender address


If your server is properly warm up it can allow you to send millions of emails in a day.

During warm up process uses your most active data and make sure your database don’t have bounce email address. Use a constant from id for each email campaign so ISP can recognize you. It will create your domain reputation along with IP.


Timing and day.

It’s matter for your email marketing that what day and time you are choosing for your email campaign.

If you think that your target audience is working professional, then make sure your campaign will be start before they reach to their office. So they can read your email first. The day which you choose is also important for your email campaign, most of professional are not see their emails on Saturday and Sunday. You may have to adjust your email campaign according to their working time and day.

These few changes convert your email campaign in great ROI; you can increase your email volume.

It will save your time and efforts.

Good luck for your email campaign worm up, I am sure you will definitely start this process.

Every marketer who are using email marketing for their or spreading information to the subscriber has some common issue.

They get blacklisted or ISP rejects emails from their domain or IP. Even they are not sending a large volume as well sending mails to their subscriber. To stop these errors and prevent your domain and IP. You need to warm-up your IP and Domain.

Warm up is to be used to create Reputation of your IP and Domain on ISP.

So, ISP can found that we are not sending SPAM emails. When you start with your new domain and IP, your domain and IP has neutral reputation. You have to create your reputation so, ISP can easily major your emails and not block your domain and IP it is a process which increase your email volume and reputation from day 1 to your desire volume. When you start with new domain and IP major ISP seem it suspicious.

Warm-up process allows you to create reputation in front of ISP and get email delivered without error and create reputation.

Good reputation means your emails will land in inbox bad reputation makes its in spam, junk and after some time ISP will stop receiving your emails.

A good warm up process takes 4-8 weeks depends on your email list your subscriber engagement behaviour and also your desire target email volume. You should start your ip warm-up process with those subscribers who are most engage with you in past 1 month.  During the process you should monitor your bounce and unsubscribe users (my suggestion make sure your email list not have any hard bounce address) if you got some soft bounce the you should wait for some more time to resend emails to those subscribers. Unsubscribe link also and major part of your email campaign, subscribers who unsubscribed herself from your list.

Respect their privacy and stop mailing those subscribers so, they never send any abuse complaint to ISP.


Types of warm-up process

When we are talk about warm up process we found there is some method of warm-up process like aggressive, slow and medium. With aggressive warm-up we increase our email volume. This process is only used when you have fully trusted subscribers then you can do double your email volume every day.

It taken few days to cover your desire email volume. This process is only can used when, you trust on your subscriber and their activity on your newsletter otherwise it’s a chance get to be blacklisted or you may be block by ISP and effects on your reputation, so, if you understand what you are going to do, you can do aggressive warm up process.


Now we talk about non-aggressive (slow warm-up process) this process is Ideal for those who are using short email list. It is more reliable process you can adjust your email volume. If you got any error during warm up process.

Some expected behaviour of ISP during warm-up process. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail may reject massages when they seem bulk process just adjust your email volume and keep trying to sending emails to your most engaged subscriber it is not a permanent error.

Soft bounce back by Hotmail, live, outlook with error massage of don’t have reputation, keep sending on small emails list 10-50 emails per day, so, it will consider your emails and create a reputation.

Warm up process depend on campaign report, open, clicks and much more. You must have to check your open statics and click. If you found that your campaign has fair enough openers, then keep going to your warm up process.

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